298 Series Aviation Ground Equipment: Up to 20,000 lbs.


298 Series Aviation Ground Equipment: Up to 20,000 lbs.

298 Series Aviation Ground Equipment: Up to 20,000 lbs.

Designed to meet the varied needs of the aviation ground support equipment industry, the 298 series sets the standards. Constructed with an oscillating, compensating wheel axle and cushion suspension leveling, these casters can stand up to even the most rigorous conditions. All optional features can be installed at the factory without an increase to order lead time. A spring assembly can be retrofitted at a later date by returning the caster to Albion. The swivel lock and face contact brake are field installable.

Typical Applications

  • Aviation work stands
  • Hangar doors
  • Fuel cell transport


  • Top Plate and Yoke Base: 1" thick 1045 AISI heat treated steel plate for superior strength
  • Swivel Raceways: 11" diameter precision machined load raceway with 5/8" steel and tapered roller thrust bearing for easy swiveling
  • King Bolt: 2" diameter bolt and nut heat treated for added strength
  • Legs: 1/2" thick steel plate welded to form a box section column for maximum load capacity
  • Lubrication: Zerk fittings in swivel section and wheel hub for ease of lubrication
  • Axle: 2/1/2" oscillating axle precision machined at each end to accommodate 2" tapered bearings in wheel.
  • Alternate or custom caster configurations available

Wheel Types

  • Press-on Rubber (09 Tapered Roller Bearing)
  • Press-on Polyurethane (09 Tapered Roller Bearing)


SKU Wheel Material Bearing Type Diameter Tread Width Capacity (lbs) Overall Height (in.) Swivel Lead (in.) Add to Quote
298OA12709S Press-on Rubber Tapered Roller 12 4-1/2 4200 19 3-1/8
298OA16909S Press-on Rubber Tapered Roller 16-1/4 6 7800 21-5/16 3-1/8
298OA18909S Press-on Rubber Tapered Roller 18 9 13000 22 3-1/8
298OG12709S Press-on Polyurethane Tapered Roller 12 4-1/2 6600 19 3-1/8
298OG16909S Press-on Polyurethane Tapered Roller 16-1/4 6 12000 21-5/16 3-1/8
298OG18909S Press-on Polyurethane Tapered Roller 18 9 20000 22 3-1/8