61 Series: Up to 1500 lbs.


61 Series: Up to 1500 lbs.

61 Series: Up to 1500 lbs.

Manufactured from cold formed steel, this series comes highly recommended for use on heavy duty applications.

Typical Applications

  • Movable racks
  • Conveyor or "Dragline" operations
  • Utility trucks
  • Corrugated box trucks
  • Caster mounted production Jigs and fixtures


  • Top Plate: Cold formed from 1/4" steel plate to provide the strongest possible section for swivel bearing
  • Swivel Section: 3-1/4" diameter load race. Raceways are coined smooth then heat treated to minimize ball indentation and wear
  • Legs: 1/4" steel formed to increase strength and welded to the yoke base
  • King bolt: 3/4" heat treated king bolt and nut assembly
  • Axle: 1/2" diameter hollow axle with recessed zerk fitting and lock nut on straight roller and ball bearing. Solid axle on Delrin, ball bearings, and Oilex bearings
  • Lubrication: Zerk fitting in swivel section and in recessed head of hollow axle with straight roller bearing wheels
  • Finish: All rigs are zinc plated to resist corrosion and rust.
  • Notched Yoke Base: Notched to accommodate swivel lock.
  • Alternate or custom caster configurations available

Wheel Types

  • Moldon Rubber on Cast Iron (01/07 Straight Roller)
  • Heavy Duty Moldon Rubber on Cast Iron (01/07 Straight Roller)
  • Moldon Rubber on Aluminum (01 Roller Bearing)
  • X-tra Soft Flat Tread (01 Roller Bearing)
  • X-tra Soft Round Tread (01 Roller Bearing)
  • High Modulus Rubber on Aluminum (28 Precision Ball Bearing)
  • Pneumatic (27 Radial Ball Bearing)
  • Polyurethane on Aluminum Crown Tread (01 Roller Bearing)
  • Polyurethane on Cast Iron (01, 07 Roller Bearing)
  • Polyurethane on Aluminum Round Tread (28 Precision Ball Bearing)
  • Polyurethane on Cast Iron (07 Roller Bearing)
  • Polyurethane on Polypropylene (01 Roller Bearing)
  • X-TremeT Solid Polyurethane (01 Roller Bearing)
  • X-TremeT Plus Solid Polyurethane (01 Roller Bearing)
  • Phenolic (01, 07 Roller Bearing)
  • Maxim® (01 Roller Bearing)
  • Maxim® NR Noise Reduction (07 Roller Bearing)
  • TrionixT High Impact Polymer (Precision Ball Bearing)
  • TrionixT NX High Impact Polymer (28 Precision Ball Bearing)
  • Cast Iron (01, 07 Roller Bearing)
  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron (01 Roller Bearing)
  • Drop Forged Steel (01 Roller Bearing)
  • Ductile Iron Crowned Tread (01 Roller Bearing)