84 Series: Up to 3500 lbs.


84 Series: Up to 3500 lbs.

84 Series: Up to 3500 lbs.

These precision engineered casters are designed for constant swiveling or for service where shock and impact loads might damage less rugged casters.

Typical Applications

  • Conveyor Operations
  • Heavy Fixtures
  • Drag Line Operations
  • Die Trucks
  • Automotive


  • Top Plate Yoke Base: Precision machined from AISI 1045 drop forged steel for maximum reliability
  • Swivel Load Bearing: 4" diameter precision tapered roller bearing. The forged top plate skirt affords additional labyrinth seal to keep out dirt and contaminants
  • Component Thrust Bearing: 1" tapered roller bearing for increased capacity for towed applications
  • Legs: 3/8" steel plate formed to increase strength
  • Swivel Yoke: Reinforced at top with heavy vertical gusset to strengthen yoke base
  • King bolt: Integrally forged with top plate. Machined and threaded.
  • Axle: 3/4" diameter hollow axle with lock nut
  • Lubrication: Zerk fitting in swivel section and in recessed head of hollow axle
  • Alternate or custom caster configurations available

Wheel Types

  • Moldon Rubber on Cast Iron (01 Roller Bearing)
  • Polyurethane on Aluminum (01 Roller Bearing)
  • Polyurethane on Cast Iron (01 Roller Bearing)
  • Thick Tread Polyurethane (01 Roller Bearing)
  • Vulkollan on Cast Iron (01 Roller Bearing)
  • Vulkollan on Cast Iron (01 Roller Bearing)
  • Vulkollan Thick Tread (01 Roller Bearing)
  • X-treme Plus Solid Polyurethane (01 Roller Bearing)
  • Phenolic (01 Roller Bearing)
  • Laminated Phenolic (01 Roller Bearing)
  • TrionixT High Impact Polymer (28 Precision Ball Bearing)
  • Cast Iron (01 Roller Bearing)
  • Drop Forged Steel (01 Roller Bearings)
  • V-Grooved Cast Iron (01 Roller Bearings)
  • Ductile Iron Crowned Tread (01 Roller Bearing)