Contender 120 Series Stainless Steel: Up to 1400 lbs.


Contender 120 Series Stainless Steel: Up to 1400 lbs.

Contender 120 Series Stainless Steel: Up to 1400 lbs.

This caster is the ideal solution for applications where frequent washdowns are necessary. The polished stainless steel caster is also well suited for applications exposed to cleaning agents, steam, caustic solutions, or other corrosive agents which could cause rust.

Typical Applications

  • Dollies
  • Dough troughs
  • Platform trucks
  • Tow line
  • Utility carts
  • Tooling fixtures
  • Scrap metal carriers


  • Top Plate: 5/16" stainless steel and welded construction for longer life
  • Yoke Base: Notched stainless steel welded inside and out
  • Legs: Welded inside and out
  • Swivel Section: One row of 3/8" ball bearings mounted in a precision machined raceway
  • Axle: 1/2" diameter hollow axle with zerk fitting on roller and tapered bearing models (Solid axle on Delrin, precision ball, and Oilex models)
  • Alternate or custom caster configurations available

Wheel Types

  • X-tra Soft (Flat Tread) (01 Roller Bearing)
  • X-tra Soft Round Tread (01 Roller Bearing)
  • High Modulus Rubber on Aluminum (28 Precision Ball Bearing)
  • Polypropylene (01 Roller Bearing)
  • White Polypropylene (41 Plain Bore)
  • High Temp Polypropylene (41 Plain Bore)
  • Polyurethane on Aluminum Round Tread (28 Precision Ball Bearings)
  • Polyurethane on Polypropylene (01 Roller Bearing)
  • X-TremeT Solid Polyurethane (01 Roller Bearing)
  • X-TremeT Plus Solid Polyurethane (01 Roller Bearing)
  • Phenolic (01 Roller Bearing)
  • Straight Sided Phenolic (01 Roller Bearing)
  • Maxim® (01 Roller Bearing)
  • Maxim® NR Noise Reduction (01 Roller Bearing)
  • Hi-Temp Nylon (01 Roller Bearing)
  • Drop Forged Steel (01 Roller Bearing)