NF Never-Flat Wheels: up to 350 lbs.

Never-Flat (NF) Recommended for the greatest possible protection to both loads and floors. Perfect replacement tire for pneumatic or semi-pneumatic applications. This solid urethane tire has similar rollability characteristics as a pneumatic tire…but they never go flat. Optional colors and caster configurations, consult factory. Replacement parts available. 8″ Gray wheel. 10″ Black Wheel

  • Solid Urethane Never Goes Flat
  • Optional Colors
  • Replacements Parts Available


  • Heavy duty 350 pound load capacity!
  • Looks and performs similar to pneumatic wheels, but without the hassles of air pressure maintenance and flat tire repair
  • Reduces maintenance time and expense
  • Closed cell expanded foam construction resists water absorption (unlike others currently in the marketplace)


SKUProduct TitleImageWheel MaterialDiameterCapacityApproximate WeightWheel CodeHub LengthBearingBearing I.D.
 NF0852710TNever-Flat TiresSolid Urethane83004NFOffset 3-Piece HubIndustrial Ball5/8
 NF0852710CTNever-Flat TiresSolid Urethane83004NFCentered 3-Piece HubIndustrial Ball5/8
 NF0852710Never-Flat TiresSolid Urethane83004NFOffset 1-Piece HubIndustrial Ball5/8
 NF0852708TNever-Flat TiresSolid Urethane83004NFOffset 3-Piece HubIndustrial Ball1/2
 NF0852708CTNever-Flat TiresSolid Urethane83004NFCentered 3-Piece HubIndustrial Ball1/2
 NF0852708CNever-Flat TiresSolid Urethane83004NFCentered 1-Piece HubIndustrial Ball1/2
 NF0852708Never-Flat TiresSolid Urethane83004NFOffset 1-Piece HubIndustrial Ball1/2